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Crossroads Inn-CODEX Game PC [CRACKED] Full Version

Crossroads Inn Pests and Puppies Free Download includes all the necessary files to run perfectly fine on your system, uploaded game contains all latest and updated files, it is full offline or standalone version of Crossroads Inn Pests and Puppies Download for compatible versions of Windows, download link at the end of the post.

Crossroads Inn-CODEX Game PC Full version

Download Zip:

If Despise doesn't have the easiest monsters, it's the most straight forward. Your only priority is to go down. In the original Ultimas, each dungeon has 8 levels. Since the levels are interconnected here I won't be keeping count. You absolutely cannot get stuck here. If you can't see openings, turn the brightness degrees higher, or you can use a peering gem to look at the map (but I rather sell them). Loot everything when you are in the dungeon. If you are encumbered, you do not need to pick up the bad equipments. They only sell for 1 or 2 gold piece, while handy in the beginning, you don't need it, gems and gold bars and most importantly, scrolls, are more crucial here. There are a lot of reapers here and they will charm your party, and this point you can't counter it, one way of running away from being charmed is keep your party moving, if you keep moving the charmed person won't attack, just wait it out. Once you start approaching the bottom you will be seeing dragons. You should be good enough to take them on. If you are not I suggest running through them, and looting the place without fighting. There are magical equipments here which you absolutely need. Head to the Underworld (you will know when the game autosaves). Here you can find Captain Johne and learn his story about the Shadowlords, Captain Johne is an excellent character here but you may or may not want him right away. He's stronger than Mariah in every way, with higher strength and intelligence, and he's not too bad with a sword. I suggest coming back for him later if you party is already full. Use a gate spell to get back to Britain.

Crossroads Inn takes us on a journey to the fantastic land of Delcrys. The main hero of the game is the last living descendant of King Owen (all the others died in unexplained circumstances and the monarch himself was poisoned as a result of a conspiracy of magnates). He is aided by Martyn Bradver, the owner of a decaying inn located at the crossroads of the largest trade routes and a former soldier who managed to gain enough trust from King Owen to make him his heir's guardian.

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